Squeeze page – How to design a landing page that works?

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squeeze page is a landing page designed to capture opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. The goal of a squeeze page is to convince, cajole, or otherwise ”squeeze” a visitor into providing one of their most sought-after and coveted pieces of personal data: the email address.

Understanding the Benefits of Building an Optin List

When it comes to marketing on the Internet, there’s no better way to virtuallyguarantee your success than by building a loyal, targeted database of optinsubscribers.

Once you have a list… you own it!  Nobody cantake it away from you.  There aren’t toomany other business assets you can say the same holds true.

For most businesses, you can quickly see a dramatic turn in sales and/or profits -virtually overnight – if big competition happens to settle into your market.  It happens everyday… in every niche imaginable.

But once you build a list of “permission based” optin email subscribers… it doesn’tmatter how much competition you have in your niche market.  You’ve already built a rock solid foundation- a strong customer base eager and willing to hear from you over and overagain.

So… what does that mean for your profits?

That means you can send targeted offers to your list on a regular basis – wheneveryou want – as often as you want – and there’s nobody stopping you!  You have full control.

What types of offers?  Let me explain….

As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.  On the Internet… there’s certainly more thanone way to make a great living – a very comfortable living generating asubstantial income each and every month.

And my personal favorite tool for generating income… Email Marketing!

Email marketing all starts with building a loyal, targeted list of optin subscriberswithin your niche.  Once you have thatloyal list… your opportunities are endless.

  • You can promote your own products.
  • You can promote affiliate products.
  • You can promote a new service.
  • You can do all of the above… and more!

Unfortunately the subject of email marketing can become extremely complex. Therefore, entirebooks and multi-media courses have been written and produced on thesubject.  So, the actual topic (as awhole) is outside the scope of this guide… but we’ll briefly touch upon some importantand interesting (and very profitable) points.

The truth is… I can send an email to any of my lists any time I’d like and know with almost 100% certainty that I’llsee a profit from that email.

How do I know?  Because I continue to market to many lists I’ve built over the years on a regular basis.  And they all continue to make me a generous income – month after month after month….

I bring up this point because I want you to understand just how important it is to start today – building permission based email lists – and focusing the majority of your online efforts on this one extremely important marketing tool.

  • Suppliers will come and go.
  • Products get discontinued everyday. 
  • Search engine ranking fall off the charts without warning.
  • The list goes on and on…

There are dozens upon dozens of variables that can affect your business – andultimately your profits – that are unforeseen and totally out of your control.

But if you focus your efforts on building a list in your niche… none of thatmatters.  Your list is yours and yoursalone!  It will make you money week afterweek.

It’s golden… It’spriceless… Your biggest asset… and you need totreat it that way!

That’s why “Squeeze Pages” have become moreand more popular on the Internet these days. We see them all the time – in every niche market.

You land on a website and what do you see? An offer for a freebie

  • a free trial
  • a free download
  • a free sample
  • a free subscription

Ironically, just enough to wet your whistle and hopefully entice you into wanting more – a lot more – usually with a price tag of course.

And that’s all good!  Really…

But there’s actually a better way of doing things… A smarter way…  A more lucrative way!

Imagine enticing a customer to optin for an offer of yours – perhaps a freebie – andthen not looking for an up sell to the “premium” version or full membershipprice, etc.

Stupid idea eh?  Well…not so fast my friend….

If, what I previously mentioned is true and your list is your greatest asset, thenwhy not treat it that way.  Why notINVEST in your optin list. Why not nurture it in a way you’d nurture yourbiggest client?

  • Give them freebies with no strings attached!
  • Let them enter special promotions (without any type of “sale” in mind)
  • Provide them with real, resourceful information – FREE!
  • HELP them succeed or solve their dilemmas just as you’re trying to do as well… withno strings attached.

Don’t you think that could lead to a list of optin subscribers eager and willing to listen (and act upon) information (and offers) you subtly provide via email in the future?

You bet it would!

Selling online is like dating.  You don’t startout in bed.  You grow and nurture arelationship – taking one baby step at a time. You don’t ask to meet his/her parents on the first date… right?

Well the same concepts hold true when selling online.  You have a much greater chance of makingmoney from your list if you nurture and truly care about that list – TRULY care!

If you start by building relationships with your list they’ll look forward tohearing from you – again and again.

And that’s when you’ll really start seeing your profits soar!

  • You can provide periodic emails with your unbiased opinion about certain products you’ve used or recently discovered that might benefit them in some way.  Of course, you’d have your affiliate link embedded in the offer just in case a few might want to purchase the product for themselves…. CHING!

  • You can begin creating your own information products and offer them a discount for being a part of your list of loyal customers… CHING!

  • You can offer your services at a discounted rate for a limited time to subscribers only… CHING!

  • You can inform them about new promotional materials you have for your affiliates (who… by the way earn 50% of all sales they generate) and if anyone is interested they can sign up and start promoting some of your products and services… CHING! CHING!

I hope you get the point I’m trying to make here… if you don’t approach your list as simply a list of names ONLY there to make you money… but on the contrary you develop a relationship with your list and truly work on helping THEM achieve their goals as well… chances are you’ll have a goldmine of opportunity at your disposal – your greatest asset – a responsive, targeted list eager and willing to spend money with you at will.

Building Your List Via An Effective Squeeze Page

So, now that you know why building an optin list is so vital to your onlinesuccess, let’s talk about the most effective way to start building your list asquickly and as efficiently as possible.

The use of Squeeze Pages…

There are “right” ways and there are “wrong” ways to approach an effective,profitable squeeze page design.

The TOP 10 Stupid Mistakes Most Internet Marketers Make Regarding Their Squeeze Pages… And What You Must Do EVERYTIME To Guarantee Your Optin Success!

  1. Create Urgency/Fear In Your HeadlineWhen writing an effective headline for any squeeze page, it’s imperative you create urgency and/or fear.  Remember, a squeeze page is not meant to make a sale… it’s meant to acquire an email address… period!  For example:


    As part of this special 48 hour marketing test…
    For the next 10 subscribers only…


    If you fail to read this report, you have a 90% chance of never being able to…..

    Statistics have now shown that children can also be seriously effected by…..

  2. Provide two optin forms on every page You’ll increase your chances significantly if you provide two optin forms on your squeeze page.  One form should always go in the top fold of the page (left or right) and another at the very bottom of the page as the last element of the page.

  3. Use a “graphical” optin box at the top of the page – This has been shown to increase my squeeze page optin rates by as much as 39%.  Naturally, your sales copy will most dramatically affect your percentages… however by simply providing this additional graphical component on your page you have a much greater chance of increasing your overall optin rate significantly.

  4. NO External Links – This is where many folks fail!  Again, this is a squeeze page with one sole purpose – GET THE EMAIL ADDY!  Never place external links on your squeeze page.  You can sell later.  For now… no links!  Two options: Leave or subscribe.

  5. Never ask for more information than is absolutely necessary in your optin form – I see it time and time again.  Name, address, phone number, best time to call, how you heard about us, marital status, shoe size, etc, etc…  Never ask for anything more than name and primary email address.  That’s it!  That’s all you need.  You’ll drastically reduce your subscriber rates once you start asking for anything more from a customer (and frankly you don’t need anything more).

  6. Always provide your name and email address at the bottom of your squeeze page – In recent tests I’ve conducted with my own squeeze pages, I found a 3% to 8% fallout rate when I removed my name and/or email address from the bottom of a squeeze page.  For optimum subscribe rates, include this information EVERYTIME!  Personalization is a must.

  7. Less Is More – Don’t confuse or over-complicate your optin offer.  Keep it short, sweet and to the point.  Too many times a squeeze page is far too long and confusing.  Explain the benefits to your offer and that’s it.  LESS IS MORE!

  8. Privacy Policy – It’s imperative that you place a brief (small and subtle) statement directly under your form subscribe button letting folks know you won’t rent, sell or share their personal information with anyone.  Privacy is a major concern for most people and by simply displaying this privacy message directly under your form will significantly increase your subscribe rates.

  9. Professional Graphics – Never use a cheaply designed e-cover or amateurish looking software box with your optin offer.  Nothing turns away more customers than cheap looking cover graphics.  As they say… a picture says a thousand words… so make sure those e-covers are eye-popping and captivating!  It will definitely pay off in the long term.

  10. Test…Test… and Test Again! – You can always increase your subscriber rates… ALWAYS!  Until you’re getting every single visitor who lands on your squeeze page to optin to your list there’s always room for improvement!  Never stop testing.
  • So there you have it.  Building your optin list of targeted subscribers should be your first and foremost task online.
  • To build your list quickly and efficiently, set up your squeeze pages using the 10 tips we’ve discussed above and you’re virtually guaranteed success.
  • Use the two professionally designed pre-built templates from Module 1 of this package and you’re already 10 steps ahead of your competition.

Best of luck and I wish you great success.

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